The Difference Between Online Poker Machines Versus Traditional Machines

If you are new to online poker machines, then you will notice a few differences when playing for the first time. Generally speaking, the rules of the games are the same, yet there are a few new things that you may not have seen before that you will need to familiarise yourself with. Don’t worry though, all the new things on the video poker machines will actually work in your favor, not against you!

One of the differences you will obviously notice straight away is the button style and layout for each game. If you play poker machines locally, then you are used to the physical buttons on the machines, and may not have played any of the digital styled button games yet. This is usually not a problem though, as they follow the same sorts of line systems that the traditional poker machines have.

Probably the biggest difference between the offline poker machines and the online poker machines is the Microgames. Microgaming is supported by all of our favourite poker machine sites we have listed here on our site. Microgaming is basically just a mini game inside the poker machine game you are playing.

Depending on which one you are playing, it will make you do certain things like for example you could get to spin on a mini poker machine, that will give you extra spins or cash when you get the right set of numbers on the screen. This is integrated into the game really well and is one of the reasons that online poker machines are so popular now. They not only offer a secondary level of play to the game you are used to, but they do offer a significant chance to win extra money and bonuses without actually having to pay any extra.

The value for money online is much higher than your traditional poker machines due to the Microgaming explained above, and the fact that the online casinos give weekly bonuses and promotions to their players. When have you ever been offered any promotions when playing offline like in a casino or a club? Never! The online sites really care about their players a lot more and offer so many more benefits than traditional companies. This could be due to the fact their overheads are much lower as they don’t have a giant casino to run, as it is all digital. Either way who cares, as its more for you to enjoy right?!

Take your Poker Machines With You!

You have the option to play online poker machines directly from your mobile device. The most supported mobile devices are iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Head on over to our mobile slot section to find out more about playing online casino games directly from a mobile device.