2015 Is All About Finding The Best Mobile Casino Wagering Requirements

The mobile casino bonus war has started with the mobile casino no deposit bonus launch, and that means the top competition will have to work harder this year to get players through their doors. It’s not just about the latest video slot releases or how exclusive a certain promotion might be, it’s not even about how big the sites welcome package is or how much real money they claim is on the table. No, 2015 is all about wagering requirements, this is where the mobile casinos will have to work hardest.

Players are catching on to the fact that wagering requirements and play through bonuses are heading through the roof, with some operators charging up to three hundred times the amount on wagers. This means that real bonus money to the point is becoming none existent and the efforts to make withdrawals more problematic. This is why mobile casino review sites will do more this year to highlight the small prints of the industry, and the somewhat painful description that is terms and conditions. The goal now is the find the best mobile casino wagering requirements.

The good news is that more and more gaming sites are bringing better meals to the table and this frightens the big league. If smaller and more independent online casinos are willing to drop wagering requirements slightly, then their bonuses rapidly become more appealing. This is what will happen as competition goes to war over the next 12 months. We’ll reach a point in which wagering requirements will have nowhere else to go but down.

Independent mobile casino review sites like TheMobileCasino.co.uk have promised a witch hunt on big wagering throughout 2014 and are shifting their resources to help locate and promote friendlier and less stringent casinos. It’s one thing having the big jackpots and the best table games, but they mean nothing without the sensible bonuses to back them up. The bonus war has started, whose side are you on?