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In 2005 IGT acquired Wagerworks to help develop their online gaming platforms as well as the games they offer. Wagerworks create high quality slot games and by joining IGT helped them expand further, in terms of reaching their true potential.
In 2010 IGT consolidated its interactive team into one division. By doing this helped accelerate the company in the online development of the classic slot games, which later lead them to introduce blockbuster games.
As IGT look forward into the future, they will continue to extend their reach to the gaming world. Meaning they will propel themselves into innovative areas to help enhance the players experience.

IGT casino

IGT learn from the saying “best of breed”, a term that all operators love to hear, it is has the land based casino’s have worked for years. IGT’s approach is that the online gaming industry should be no different.
IGT’s system can go up against any competitor and come out prevailing. They make sure they maintain a high competitive advantage constantly. This is done by the platforms seamlessly fitting into the original platforms and providing the best premium casino content.
IGT concept is basically simple integration, which fits into your existing platforms, which allows access to over 100 of the worlds best slots games. IGT slots  (e.g. wolf run slot) have stunning graphics and sounds effects, at the same time utilise big brands to increase the player’s experience.

IGT slots

Online and Mobile Slots games are what made IGT slots today, they are one of the largest suppliers providers in the world.
The game studios are based around the world allowing them to consistently create the best slot games online. With the use of brand names such as star trek, cluedo and monopoly they have created a strong branding.
Introducing new games is vital to IGT Slots, they are constantly developing new games for their land-based casino’s, which will be released online as well allowing player to get familiar with the games.

Cats Slot

IGT slot have released one of their land based Slot games know as Cat slots. Enter the world of wealth wild world filled with cats and double your playing experience and winnings. With are many twists in the symbols utilised by IGT slot. Cats slot really does give the player the best of worlds in terms of slot games.

Whilst playing Cats slot game, IGT have created a variety of cats such as leopards, tigers, lions and panthers. Each individual cat symbol has a range of 1 or 2 of the same cat. If the cat has 2 symbols it is more valuable to the player, this is due to it count for 2 single cat symbols. To win a prize you need 3 of the same cat on a pay line to win a prize. In terms of the combinations you can have 3 single cats on pay line or 2 cats and 1 single cat to create a pay line.

“Diamond paw” sign is the “scatter symbol” if you obtain 4 of these symbols in any order you are rewarded with a 2 times multiplier. If your lucky at obtain 5 “diamond paws” in any order you will get 5 free spins, and with 6 of them you are rewarded with 10 free spins.

The “cats” symbol is seen as the “wild symbol”, this will substitute for any other symbol except the “diamond paw”. The “cats” symbols counts as a double when its replaces one of the single cats symbols. If you obtain 5 cats symbols during a active pay line you will be reeking the rewards and get a huge 10,000 credits.
IGT slot created cats with low volatility for the entertainment seekers; they included split symbols game play on the 30 pay lines as well to cater for the experienced player. Cats slot appeals to a wide demographic, combining beautiful natural images with attractive game play all round. With their exclusive split symbols aspect of the game it’s a slot game worth playing!
Why not jump into the fierce world of Cats slot and try win that top reward of 250,000 credits!

Elvis Slot

IGT slots have really gone for a theme this time with Elvis, a game that will be loved by most people just due to the Star related to the game. One of the Vegas stars is now here for everyone to share. The player gets to hear songs, see pictures and see videos of the king himself.

Elvis slot is a very unique and different game, and a very entertaining slot machine to play on. IGT slot have placed a huge jackpot on this game of 250,000 credits, a great way to show how much it’s worth playing the Elvis slot. The game has a total of 60 pay lines, and has 3 levels of reels, which are 20 pay lines each.
Elvis slot has a “scatter award”, where the player can retrigger any combination of 4 “photo memories” and “wild bonus” signs, in any order on the reels, if this occurs you will win 3 times your original bet time the level multiplier. This will be explained further in the bonus feature section.

The game itself is simple as explained, however IGT slots have filled Elvis slot full of bonus features, which has really created an exciting game for the player.
The “multi strike” feature is initiated when you play 41 lines or more, with this you can advance to a higher level with a “free ride”, or win on the 1 times or 2 times level if a higher level is activated during your game play.
With the “multi strike” feature IGT have implemented a re spin feature, which the player can retrigger when the “photo memories” sign appears on reels 1 and 2. The free ride feature can be triggered when a combination of 3 “photo memories” and/or “wild bonus” sign appears in any order on the reels. If this occurs you are a lucky player, and get a free ride and level up to the next level.
Elvis slot machine fun bonus feature is the “photo memories” bonus and the “fun o meter” bonus. The photo memories bonus is triggered when the symbol appears on any position of reels 1 and 2 and the “wild bonus signs appears on reels 3 to 5. This will initiate the “fun o meter” bonus when you hit 3 of them on a winning pay line.
IGT slot have really gone all the way with this game including amazing graphics and sounds, along with being related to “the king” himself. The huge jackpot itself is what draws the player to the game all around the world and now you have it online one not to miss out on.