Online gambling with the highest stakes

In order to be able to play in a casino in a pleasant and optimal atmosphere, you do not have travel all the way to the nearest casino. However, on the internet there is the possibility in the live casinos for the following:

  • the live game with real dealers and croupiers
  • Thrills at betting limits of up to £500,000
  • Easy and secure high roller deposits
  • No table limit

In addition to all the important topics around the real money game on the Internet, you will also find the providers with the highest limits and with payment methods which can process largest sums online.

What advantages do players enjoy on the high limits?

VIP players are not only preferred in UK casinos. Suppliers also look after their best customers on the net, and even if you can’t maintain face-to-face contact, you enjoy preferential service around the clock.

Personal Account Manager As a VIP player, you will find a personal account manager at the renowned casinos with particularly high table limits, who is responsible for all your inquiries and wishes and is constantly available. You do not have to wait for customer service to get an answer wait for someone to solve a problem, your account manager will personally take care of it with the highest priority.

Exclusive Invitations As one of the most important players you will also be invited to important events. These include the biggest sporting events, concerts or even a dinner in one of the finest restaurants. Your account manager also takes care of the organization such as flights or a limousine service.

Preferred Payments Processing Part of the VIP program is usually also improved conditions for payments. For examplte, your own payment request is treated preferentially and enjoys priority within the casino; in addition, existing payout limits are also increased.

Other benefits include improved cashback rates, which can help you get more money back for your collected player points. Also, as a high roller, you can get additional loyalty bonuses or access exclusive tournaments.

The casino with the highest table limits: William Hill Casino

If you look for the highest table limits online, there is only one name: the William Hill Casino. While the regular online casino already has high limits for this provider, this provider stands out above all through its live casino games, which have by far the highest betting limits.

Overview of the highest betting limits
games Max Bet easy chance
Live roulette £500,000 £12,000
Card Games Max Bet side bets
Live blackjack £5,000 £1,000
Live baccarat £4,000 £400
Live 3-Card Poker £10,000 £1,000
Live Casino Holdem £7,500 £2,500

The casino software itself is offered from the market leader of iGaming software development – Playtech. This alone is already a feature of high quality. At the live casino, however, William Hill goes one step further, as the live games of Playtech and Evolution Gaming are used here. Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader in live casino games, and has been named “Best Live Casino Provider” for six consecutive years at the eGaming Review Awards in London. Of course, the live games from Evolution Gaming are not only used by William Hill, but also by the 888 Casino , which has received several awards as the “Best Online Casino” accesses the service of this provider. William Hill has rented some of Evolution’s own tables, which are only available to William Hill Casino customers. You will also find the maximum bets listed in the adjacent table – the highest of all online casinos.


  • The highest table limits online
  • Bets up to £500,000
  • Highest deposit limits

Different variants of table limits

Live Roulette The list of table limits requires a brief explanation, as the maximum limit of £500,000 in live roulette refers to the total wagers of a coup. The limit for individual bets depends on the bet itself. For simple odds a maximum of £12,000 can be set.

Live card games The card games are also divided into two variants of maximum limits. The actual maximum bet or the ante for the start of the game as well as the table limit for side bets, which are usually a bit lower than the main bet.

How do table limits differ for online casinos and casinos?

I would like to briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the betting limits for online casinos and land-based casinos. Both have their specific characteristics, which may be prejudicial or disadvantageous depending on the player.

Online casinos

Online casinos have a much better cost structure, which allows customers to gain more profits with less additional costs. Therefore, online casinos like Betsson can afford to offer the games with smaller betting limits , but at the same time they can take the risk of larger bets.

The advantages of online casinos are:

  • special low limits possible
  • Risk management for higher limits
  • different betting limits of a table

In the live casinos it is also possible to give the charming dealers a reasonable tip.


In most state-owned banks, the selection of limits is usually quite limited. On the one hand, you can not offer the games under a minimum stake of one euro, on the other hand, you often do not have the clientele for very high stakes. Usually, the limits look like this:

  • Roulette table limits are often between £1 and £100
  • Blackjack can be played from £5 to £100
  • Higher limits only possible by arrangement

Of course, there are also upscale casinos like in Baden-Baden or Mr Green Casino , where you can play for much higher stakes.

Why online casinos do not offer unlimited table limits

Limiting table limits is a matter of risk management. In case of doubt, a casino must always be able to pay out the winnings. Nothing would be more embarrassing and reputation-damaging than when the casino suddenly stands and can not pay the player. Since casinos are often also profit-oriented companies that may also have to account to shareholders, limiting the risk of total loss is a must.

On the one hand it is about the roulette table the strategy of the Martingale in the limits to limit, because the ratio of minimum to maximum bet is often 1:100 or 1:200. This is also the case in most online casinos. The live casinos are a bit more revealing. There the odds of the minimum to the maximum are partly 1:2000, in the case of the William Hill high roller table “Salle Privee” even 1:5000.

But the martingale is not the real problem, as this strategy is profitable at unlimited limits only on the assumption that the player has unlimited financial resources. There are certainly players for whom it is easy to play one or the other million in one evening. At the same time, the casino must also be able to pay off a lucky high roller and that can quickly turn into millions of dollars – which may be the entire profit of a year.

Which forms of payment are suitable for high rollers?

When it comes to the topic of the highest tables, you also have to ask yourself at an online casino how you can have your casino account charged accordingly. There are not only a variety of payment methods, but also ,each casino has different deposit limits for the various options. Again, the William Hill Casino has stood out with particularly high deposit limits of other casino providers. Credit cards have a deposit limit of £125,000, while Skrill’s traditional bank transfer or Skrill’s account costs £100,000. With the popular PayPal account, you can still deposit £37,000.