Spinning the Roulette Wheel to Win

Roulette wheelRoulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world and the most popular casino game in the UK. The game of roulette combines luck, speed and a bustling atmosphere to create a buzz of excitement that is hard to beat. There are various betting strategies in existence, but is there really a way to beat the roulette wheel?

There are various ‘systems’ that roulette players use to try to increase their chances of winning at roulette. It goes without saying that these systems are different ways of playing with luck – which is what ‘lucky spells’ really are. There is no magic system to beat the wheel. Rumor even has it that the French inventor went mad trying to devise a winning strategy! Although these strategies will not guarantee you wins, there are ways to play to increase the likelihood of winning – and increase your enjoyment of this great game.

Before players even think about betting systems, there is one simple way to raise the odds of winning at roulette. The most important thing is to choose the right kind of roulette game. There are two types of roulette – European roulette and American roulette. The important difference between the two lies in the type of wheel used. The European wheel uses one zero while the American wheel uses two – and these two zeroes almost double the house edge! This is why it makes sense for players to pick the European game – if you stay away from the American wheel, the house edge will drop from around 5.26% to a much more playable 2.7%.

Another way to reduce the house edge is to be aware of how the casino deals with even chance bets. A casino that allows the ‘en prison’ rule means that when the ball lands in zero, even chance bets are not lost but imprisoned – effectively giving players another spin to hit their bet. If they hit they can reclaim their bet; if it misses again the house takes it. An alternative to the en prison rule, and more commonly found these days, is the La Partage rule, which allows players to keep half their even chance bets on zero results. The rules on even chances really do make a difference to your winning chances.

Many players rely on betting ‘systems’ such as the Martingale system, whereby players bet on even chances, adding one unit each spin and doubling this bet if the bet loses. By following this strategy, in theory, the player will eventually win one unit even after a run of many losses. In practice, however, the existence of table maximums means that after losing many times in a row you will eventually max out and not be able to increase your bet. The Martingale system also requires an enormous bank roll to cover losses – not to mention the nerve to potentially bet a huge amount in order to win one betting unit. Although this is an exciting system to have fun with, it is not recommended for long term use!

A great way to increase your fun at the roulette table is to take advantage of the more advanced betting options available. These bets include section bets or French bets, which cover certain sections of the wheel. These bets are only available in a game with a European wheel – another reason to avoid the American option. The three most common section bets are Tier, Orphelins (or orphans) and Voisins du Zero (or voisins). If you feel that the ball is always dropping in the same section around the wheel, this could be your winning strategy!
To find out more about these, read the roulette rules section at your favourite casino whether its online or land based. Another advanced betting option is the neighbors bet. This is similar to the section bet but covering a smaller area of the wheel – one number and the four numbers surrounding it. This splits your money between 5 numbers, so a £25 neighbor bet will buy you a bet of £5 on each number.

So if you want to increase your fun when playing roulette, try out these various different betting options; and if you want to increase your winning chances, choose the European wheel and advantageous even chance rules. If you decide to try out a betting ‘system’, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets and remember that there are no guaranteed winning strategies. By using a combination of these different approaches and you will have a great chance of hitting that winning streak!