Play Mobile Roulette and Win Big

If there’s one thing that casino visitors all have in common, it’s a vague dream of going on a major hot streak and winning big. And while the odds are against the average player being able to live out this dream, there are more than enough big casino winners to tell us that winning a small fortune is possible. Roulette certainly has its fair share of mega winners, with icons ranging from wheel bias master Joseph Jagger to the more recent Ashley Revell.

Nowadays, people are trying to live up to these legends by playing online and mobile roulette games. The reason why is because those who play mobile roulette don’t have to waste their time traveling to casinos, yet they can still bet big and win huge profits. This being the case, it’s worth discussing how roulette players can earn massive winnings at casinos based on fairly large betting limits and advantageous games.

Betting limits offered in Mobile Roulette games

The majority of roulette players aren’t willing to risk too much playing the game….unless of course they get on a roll. In fact, many of roulette’s biggest winners accomplished their feats by increasing bet sizes after getting on a major hot streak. So while you may bet low in the beginning, it is worth mentioning that many casinos enable players to increase their bets quite a bit. The typical mobile casino allows players to make max bets worth £300-£500, which is considered fairly high stakes. Assuming you’re a really high roller, some casinos allow bets worth £1,000 or more!

If you’re not quite ready to step out of your cyber penthouse to play mobile roulette at the maximum limits, you can always opt for the table minimums. At most casinos, the smallest bet you can make is £1, which is five times lower than the typical land-based casino minimum of £5. Not quite ready to bet this much? Well you can always jump into free mobile roulette games until you’re feeling a little luckier. All you need to do to play these games is create an mobile casino account, which takes a couple of minutes.

The Top Games are offered in Mobile Roulette

One of the biggest struggles for roulette players who want to win big in land-based casinos involves finding wheels with a low house edge. In North America, for instance, a lot of casinos offer American roulette, which carries a high 5.26% house edge. But when you play mobile roulette, it’s pretty easy to find advantageous wheels such as those featured in European and French roulette.
In regards to European roulette, the house edge is 2.70%, which is obviously better than the 5.26% casino advantage that the American wheel carries. French roulette is even better since it features a 1.35% house edge! To maintain this low edge, you need to make even money bets so that you can take advantage of the La Partage rule – this pays half back on losing even money bets when the ball lands in the wheel’s 0 slot. The overall point is that you have a much better opportunity to win with mobile roulette games when you’re only facing a 2.70% or 1.35% house edge.

Players can earn Big Bonuses

If you’re looking for one more reason to play mobile roulette in your quest for major winnings, how about the fact that you can earn lots of bonuses. Internet casinos are very generous with rewards because their operating costs are comparatively cheap when put alongside land-based casinos. This being said, you can expect frequent bonuses every month when you’re playing mobile roulette games.

Of particular interest here are the VIP bonuses that are given out to frequent players. The more you play mobile roulette at an internet casino, the more VIP points you’re going to collect. And – depending on the casino where you play – these VIP points can be cashed in for real money, or used to buy fancy merchandise from the casino’s store. In any case, great bonuses are just one more factor that helps you win big when playing mobile roulette games.

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