Online Guide to Mobile Slots

UK mobile casino guideNaturally players want to know more about how these games work and how to differentiate fact from fiction. First off, it’s important to note that every spin in a video slot game is random. These games are governed by RNGs (random number generators). Further, there is no effect on the betting outcome based on the size of the wager.

A point worthy of being mentioned is that 3-reel video slots have lower probabilities of paying out bigger amounts. This is because they will typically contain from ten to hundreds of symbols on their virtual reels. As with all slot machines it is important to understand that the more that is wagered, the higher the payout is likely to be when winning combinations are hit. So it is foolhardy to play the Penny Slots if you’re looking for big paydays.

Get gaming with Mobile Slots

Video Slots are among the most ubiquitous gaming variety at UK mobile casinos today. From big-brand mobile casinos, to small-time online establishments, video slots are found everywhere. At both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos there are many myths which need to be dispelled. These include the following:

  • Video Slots that haven’t paid out in a while will pay out shortly
  • Hot machines (temperature wise) are gearing up for a big payday
  • Gambling strategies should be employed while playing video slots
  • There are techniques to beat Video Slots games
  • Avoid Video Slot games that have recently paid out
  • Casinos determine when Video Slot machines will pay out

Video Slots payout percentages certainly vary among the different games and varieties, but it’s unlikely that these numbers will mean anything to players. Typically players will be unable to ascertain for themselves the payout percentages from playing these games. The reason for this is that every spin resets the random number generators within the video slot machine. This literally opens up millions of possibilities – none of which can be accurately predicted by players.

Players enjoying a particular machine for multiple days on end would be mistaken thinking that the machine is due a big payout. Video Slot machines are simply never due and in this area there are no guarantees of payouts. It is all a matter of luck and luck alone. So knowing how to win is only guaranteed if you know where the ‘hot’ machines are located.