Mobile Slots, Types of Slots Tournaments

As the online gaming world grows, the prize pools and variety offered with slots tournaments are also growing. In fact, you can now find mobile slots tournaments with massive prize pools in a number of different formats. But this is where the confusion begins for some players since they aren’t exactly clear on how different tournaments work in mobile slots. Keeping this in mind, here is a quick look at the various slots tourneys you’ll find at casinos and how they work.

One-Time Buy-In Slots Tournaments

One of the most common types of tournaments found in the mobile slots world is the one-time buy-in event. As the name implies, players need only pay a one-time buy-in to enter the event and compete for the prize pool. For example, a slots tourney might charge a £10 buy-in fee and offer players a £1,000 prize pool.
In these tournaments – as well as the others we’re going to discuss – a leaderboard determines who earns a share of the prize money. So in our aforementioned £1k tourney, the top 20 players might get a piece of the pool. As for moving up the leaderboard, you simply play mobile slots just like non-tournament-style action, and try to collect as much money in the allotted time period as possible. Money earned during one-time buy-in mobile slots tournaments is used solely to determine leaderboard positions and does not represent what you’ll actually receive.

Freeroll Slots Tournaments

Freerolls attract masses of mobile slots players because, well, the entry is free. In many cases, the only requirement for a freeroll slots tournament is that you register before the start time. There are also freeroll events that offer restricted entry to certain VIP level members. In any case, freeroll slots tournaments are extremely popular among players because they provide a chance to win money without risking anything. But do note that many of the open-entry freerolls are jam-packed with players, so don’t expect to make money easily.

Rebuy Slots Tournaments

Many mobile slots tournaments see players eliminated from an event when their bankroll runs out; in regular tourneys, this means the end of the line. But in rebuy slots tournaments, you have the option to buy back into the event for the original buy-in price. For instance, if the buy-in was £20 and you lost your tournament bankroll, you could pay another £20 and buy-in with a fresh starting bankroll. These types of events add an extra strategy element into the equation because you have to decide how many times a tourney is worth rebuying into before the situation becomes unprofitable.

Sit and Go Slots Tournaments

Up to this point, all of the tournaments we’ve described run on a schedule. But sometimes mobile slots players don’t want to wait around for a scheduled tourney, which is where sit and go’s come into the equation. These events start as soon as the required number of entrants is met, and all players need to do is register and wait around until enough other players enter. Prize pools are pretty small in the majority of sit and go slots tournaments, but most people don’t mind because of the convenience offered here.

Slots Tournament Strategy

Now that we’ve covered the different types of mobile slots tournaments, it’s worth going over a little strategy for playing these. The most important thing to do involves making sure you’re ready beforehand. So you must first realize that most tournaments are under a time limit, and players need to spin the reels quickly in the beginning so they can get out to a good lead. Secondly, many tourneys see players compete on a number of different mobile slots games. So, for instance, if you were set to play Incredible Hulk, Bejeweled and Fantastic Four slots, you should familiarize yourself with these games beforehand.
Another point that we’d like to make in regards to slots strategy has to do with bankroll management. Just like with regular mobile slots, you can’t afford to spend too much money on a single tournament. So if you’ve got £200 to play with, don’t spend £50 on a single tourney buy-in. Instead, buy into smaller events so that your bankroll lasts longer, and you get to keep having fun playing mobile slots tournaments.
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