Mobile Keno Strategy vs. Superstition

There’s no denying that mobile keno is one of the more luck-based games you’ll find in casinos. After all, keno is essentially a combination of the lottery and bingo, which are also games heavily steeped in luck. Taking this into account, keno strategy has become somewhat of a mix between superstition, and legitimate things that can improve your money-making chances. So in order to separate the former from the latter, let’s take an in-depth look at this subject.

Superstition #1 – Lucky Numbers help you win

By far, the most common superstition that you’ll find among daily mobile keno players is the belief that their lucky numbers help them win big. For example, if you wore the number 7 when you played football, this would probably be selected on your tickets again and again. Other common lucky numbers revolve around birthdays, anniversaries and various special occasions. Unfortunately, none of these things have ever been statistically proven to impact your keno profits.

Keno Strategy #1 – Look for the Best Odds

While using lucky numbers in casino games may not change your fortunes, finding games with the best odds has always been a tried-and-true method of winning profits. Keno is no exception to the norm because different land-based and mobile casinos offer players varying long-term payout percentages. Using land-based casinos as an example, the Las Vegas Bellagio offers 71.87% payback, while the Hilton’s keno payout percentage is 70.80%. If you’re a daily keno player, you might want to consider playing online because they offer better payouts than land-based venues.

Superstition #2 – Select Numbers that haven’t been called in a while

In theory, a good way to win at keno is by selecting digits that haven’t come up in a while. The idea here is that picking numbers you have not seen lately will yield wins because these digits are “due” to be called soon. But just like when you play roulette, you won’t win simply by choosing numbers that haven’t come up recently. After all, past results don’t dictate future results in casino games.

Keno Strategy #2 – Stick to Bankroll Management

Don’t keep dumping money into more mobile keno tickets just because you think numbers are due to be selected. But do follow good bankroll management practices by setting aside a certain amount of money that you’re willing to lose. Now this isn’t to say you are going to lose; instead, it’s just a preemptive measure to make sure you aren’t spending money that you don’t have. For example, if you can afford to part with $200 and want to play daily keno games, you could budget $25 for each week. By doing this, you’ll be able to stretch the $200 out over a prolonged period of time.

Superstition #3 – Systems can help you win

Hang around gaming long enough, and you’re going to figure out how systems don’t overcome the long-term house edge that casinos hold in many games. But some players still believe that they can play daily mobile keno games and beat the house edge by using a system. Now this isn’t so harmless as long as you’re not willing to overextend your bankroll to use a system. However, if you let mobile keno systems dictate your bankroll management, you could get into trouble with the game.

Keno Strategy #3 – Play Smaller Games and Less Numbers

Instead of looking for the magical system that will guarantee you daily keno winnings, perhaps you should focus more on the type of games you play. Going further, it’s important to concentrate your efforts and bankroll on smaller games and selecting less numbers. By choosing less numbers and making smaller bets, you won’t be able to hit a massive payout; however, you’ll also avoid long stretches where you don’t win any money. In addition to this, it feels more rewarding to win frequently, rather than just hoping for the miracle payout.

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