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avalon 2 mobile slotEach Mobile Slots developers have one or two Mobile Slot games that takes the spot lights. Sometimes it gets so by chance, other times it is the sheer quality of the game that makes some games stand out from the crowd. Avalon has been one of Microgaming’s most popular Mobile Slots in recent years and it is only natural that a sequel is created.
Avalon 2 offers the same epic gaming experience as the original Mobile Slot, but in a much larger scale. There are over ten special features and atmosphere with graphics and sound is really exciting. If you’re a fan of the old stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or just enjoy Mobile Slot with a history theme, then Avalon II Mobile Slot a good choice.
You are guaranteed to gain some knowledge about the legend of King Arthur that has been retold in every conceivable media over the years and many of the characters are moving in or around the king’s court and are as famous as the king himself. Merlin the magician, the knight Lancelot and Guinevere is pretty famous names to most people.
Avalon II Mobile Slot deals with King Arthur’s Court in general and about his sister Morgan le Fay in particular. On the island of Avalon, from which King Arthur rules his kingdom, is the holy grail – the cup which is said to have been used to catch the blood of Jesus at the crucifixion. Morgan le Fay decides one day to simply steal the Grail itself. King Arthur is of course a little sour and he must embark on a journey through mythical landscapes to try to get it back.
Microgaming create something totally unique. Avalon II Mobile Slot is a very beautiful Mobile Slot with 3D effects, dynamic backgrounds, separate game screens for the many bonus features and sounds that will astound you. It is easy to be captivated by Avalon II!
Avalon II has three rows of symbols across five reels, just as customary in any Mobile Slot. However, there are no bet lines. Rather than offer the game on 243 ways to win in every game. What it means is that each combination of at least three symbols from left to right gives you a win. However, you do not bet 243 coins to play. The bet is predetermined to 30 coins. With the “bet”, first select the coin denomination (0.01 to 0.05 GBP) and then bet level (1-5) coins). With these options, the minimum bet 0.30 GBP while you can increase you bet to 7.50 GBP at most.

Avalon 2 has eight separate bonus features in the “journey” you are doing to get hold of Morgan le Fay and the Holy Grail. In addition, there are two random functions that can be activated at any time in the main game. There is also a “normal” wild symbol.
Merlin the wizard may pop up randomly on the reels (very alluring animated) and give you either a cash prize or a multiplier.
In the Lady of the Lake feature, the mysterious lady who was the one who gave the sword Excalibur to King Arthur makes all three reels to a wild card reels.
In the Raiders of Morgan le Fay bonus round which is activated when you get at least three holy grail symbols on the reels.
In the Lake of Legend bonus game you toss the dice to try to put together the sword Excalibur, which for some reason has fallen into pieces.
In the Misty Vale bonus game you get 15 free spins where one of the five characters is the wild symbol any pays double the win amount.
In the Whispering Woods feature, the mysterious white knight presents five shields to choose from. Click on one of the shields to unveil a winning amount. If you are not satisfied with the amount you got, you can try again.
In the Forest Falls feature you get 20 free spins feature trailing wilds.
In the Dusky Moors feature you match two helmets to take home a bonus win. The longer it takes to find two equal, the greater your prize is.
In the Morgan’s Keep feature you get 20 free spins with the rolling reels feature which can provide multipliers up to 6x.
In the Hall of Shadows bonus game you get to meet the Black Knight and try to snatch up the holy grail from him. The Bonus prize size is determined by how well you fight.
In the Isle of Avalon bonus game, you spin a wheel of fortune. Keep your fingers crossed that you get to the special bonus wheel, where the game’s biggest winnings is waiting for you to grab.

Avalon II Mobile Slot is probably the most invested Mobile Slot ever and it shows in every way. Particularly impressive is the number of bonus games that gives lovely extra profits, and making the game’s story very much alive. The number of bonus features are almost too many to count and one is more impressive than the other, both graphically and in terms of game idea. We can really recommend a few spins on Avalon II Mobile Slot.

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avalon 2 mobile slot
avalon 2 mobile slot

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