Live Dealer Blackjack Games are Better

The mobile casino realm is peppered with a range of exciting casino card, table, slots and instant win games. Among the gaming purists, few games compare to casino-style blackjack. This is a game that is played fast and furious by strategists, blackjack greenhorns, and experienced professionals alike. The beauty of playing 21, is that this game offers opportunities aplenty to profit off your skills as a card player. Players with a penchant for card counting tend to prosper at games of blackjack, especially at traditional Vegas-style casinos and other gambling establishments. This begs the question: how are a skilled blackjack player’s abilities affected by mobile casino games? Many gaming aficionados have pondered long and hard about the answer to this question. And the overwhelming consensus is that live-dealer blackjack games – the next evolution in mobile casino card games – are the answer. Players needn’t worry about having the skill element removed entirely from the game, by way of electronic blackjack shoes (governed by RNGs). The benefits to playing live dealer blackjack games mobile are many. For starters, blackjack aficionados needn’t forfeit their skills in ‘counting cards’, or understanding high and low card numbers and patterns, while the croupier is dealing. Thus the benefits to skilled blackjack players are many.

Is It Really Easy To Win Money Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Games?

This answer must be evaluated against the alternatives. For example, traditional blackjack gaming in a casino utilizes the maximum skill, strategy and luck element available to players. Standard mobile casino blackjack (using casino software and gaming animation) dampens a player’s skills and abilities to a lesser degree. The reason being, that the player’s expectations regarding the luck of the draw are wholly determined by the casino software. The credibility of the mobile casino thus plays a big part in the degree to which blackjack players choose to play online. The differences are thus sometimes perception based, and sometimes based on fact. There can be no denying that there are a number of blackjack players who avoid playing online, simply because the random number generators are in effect. mobile casinos have been seeking to capture their share of the thriving blackjack market. And they’ve come up with a winner: live dealer blackjack.

How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Differ From Traditional mobile Blackjack?

Without going into specifics, live-dealer blackjack games are predicated on the notion that a real-life casino dealer (Croupier) will be dealing cards to players from a real casino venue. Note however that these secure gaming facilities are not physically accessible to players, rather they are venues from which the dealers operate under strict regulations from the casino in question. All the action is readily available to mobile casino players via live streaming WebCam. The technology in place to provide live dealer blackjack games is state-of-the-art, expensive and 100% safe and secure. Players can thus expect an authentic mobile blackjack experience, akin to the selfsame experience they would encounter at traditional casinos. The element of computer-based outcomes (RNGs) is thus obviated, in favour of lady luck. Players by and large prefer to have been blackjack gaming outcomes determined by luck alone. It is simply that much more credible to players. Traditional mobile blackjack games by contrast, are entirely based on RNGs and there are no casino dealers dealing cards to players. But there is another aspect to live dealer blackjack that guarantees that undecided blackjack players will opt in for live dealer blackjack. This relates to the social aspect of live dealer blackjack. Players can instantly interact with the casino dealers in real time – sharing jokes, stories, and more, as the games are in progress.

Other Factors To Take Into Account With Live Dealer Blackjack Games

There are many externalities that a casual observer might miss with regards to live dealer games. These include the discretion and convenience attached to live dealer blackjack games. For example there are many players who prefer not to frequent the bustling casino enterprises in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo. The effort, expense and time required to make the trip is oftentimes not worth the effort. However, live dealer blackjack games allow players to play blackjack and avoid all of the inconveniences of traditional gaming. This dramatically cut down on costs, thus instantaneously boosting the returns. Further, there is the aspect of discretion that is very near and dear to players’ hearts. They can be no doubt that many players would prefer not to have all the details of their gaming habits disclosed, and live dealer blackjack provides 100% peace of mind in this regard.

These games can effectively be enjoyed from the comforts of home, the office, vacation or anywhere where Internet connection is available and mobile gaming is sanctioned. Thanks to the socially interactive nature of mobile casino games, via the live dealer option, chat options and a community vibe are the norm. The added peace of mind provided by the discretion at live dealer casinos is worth its weight in gold. Take note that live dealer blackjack games work with real cards and real dealers – just like they do in traditional casinos. If you’re an expert at card counting and recognizing patterns, it’s a whole lot easier when you’re doing it from the comforts of home, as opposed to getting stage fright at traditional casino establishments. And because you’re able to practice alongside real casino dealers, with nobody watching you, your betting decisions are more relaxed and more likely to be correct. There are many ways for you to improve your game playing alongside these live dealers, than in standard mobile blackjack games. Live dealer blackjack truly is the cutting edge of mobile gaming entertainment!

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