Microgaming Roulette Royale vs Playtech Marvel Roulette

Online RouletteFor anyone who has been gambling at the online casinos for a long time; you will know that the only progressive jackpot online roulette available has been roulette Royale that is offered by microgaming. However, Playtech has also released another progressive roulette. Nonetheless, these two games are very different and there are many questions that are asked when one compares these two games. However, to begin with, we shall describe these games before we move to the questions.
When playing the traditional Roulette Royale, it is mandatory for the player to set aside one dollar that is put towards the progressive jackpot. When the same number is called for five times; the progressive jackpot is hit. This therefore means that the player will invest five dollars for the chance to hit the progressive jackpot. However, the player is offered much fewer payouts when the number is called out for less than five times. The game is reset at sixty thousand dollars and the sequence is ended when the progressive jackpot is hit.
On the other hand the new Playtech Marvel Roulette is closely associated to the popular four-tier Marvel mystery Jackpot. Just like any other online slot, the jackpot can be triggered at any time after any spin of the wheel. It is important for the players to note that there is no extra wager required and in fact, any bet, regardless of the size can trigger another round of Marvel Mystery Jackpot. On the screen, there is a display of twenty squares. The players will click on the screen to reveal one of the four jackpot symbols. The only needs to get three matching symbols and they will be awarded with the matching progressive jackpot. There are different categories at which the game is reset and this is as follows: the Ultimate Power jackpot is reset at 100,000 euros, the super power jackpot is reset at 5,000 euros, and the extra power jackpot is reset at 500 euros while the power jackpot is reset at 50 euros.
With the microgaming Roulette Royale the progressive jackpot is only triggered by the events that take place within the online roulette game. However, in the Playtech Marvel Roulette the mechanism for triggering the progressive jackpot is external.
In other roulette games; the player knows all parameters than they can compute in order to get average return on each bet. This also applies to Microgaming Roulette Royale. The player should know that the average progressive jackpot bet depends on the value of the jackpot. Nonetheless, the returns are usually very low except when the returns are more that 750,000 dollars. With Playtech Marvel roulette the progressive jackpot is triggered randomly and the player cannot therefore perform computations on the average returns. The payouts are very high and this game is very popular as the power jackpot is hit more often than in the other game.

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