Fruit Machine Tips

We’re not going to lie to you: there is no easy way to beat fruit machines. After all, the house has a small edge with fruit machines, which means you won’t be making consistent profits in every online slots session. However, you can improve your chances of beating these games by reviewing a few fruit machine tips. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at some advice that can help you make more money with online fruit machines – and possibly even win a jackpot in the process!

Tip #1 – Play Online Fruit Machines instead of Land-based Machines

One of the first fruit machine tricks that you should keep in mind involves playing online games, rather than machines found inside of land-based casinos. As many experienced players know, land-based games feature lower payout percentages because these casinos have such high overhead costs. For example, you’ll often see 80-85% payout percentages in a land-based casino, versus 92-95% payout percentages with online fruit machines. Assuming you’re playing online slots games, earning £0.95 back for every £1 wagered will help keep your bankroll steady while you chase the jackpot.

Tip #2 – Understand the Payout Percentage-to-Spin Cost Relationship

As we just mentioned, most online fruit machines feature 92-95% payback. Interestingly enough, there are also games that offer 96-98% payout percentages, which make it seem like you should definitely seek out these games. However, this is actually one of the fruit machine tricks that casinos pull on players because these games require max spins in order to be eligible for the jackpots. And if you aren’t eligible for the jackpot, you won’t be in line for the highest payout percentage. Assuming the max spin cost was £3, you would have to bet this amount on every single spin to win the jackpot, which is very costly! Case in point, it’s much cheaper for small bankroll players to stick with 92-95% payback games.

Tip #3 – Mix in Free Fruit Machines with Real Money Play

Continuing with this list of fruit machine tips, you should mix your real money play with free fruit machines whenever possible. Now you may feel like skipping free play because you can’t win real prizes or jackpots. However, the idea here is to extend your bankroll by splitting time between free and real money games. The mix all depends on your personal preference, but to set up an example, let’s say that you play a 30-minute session; in this case, you could play free games for the first 15 minutes, and real money games for the next 15 minutes. If you follow any of our fruit machine tips, this one will definitely help you manage your bankroll….which we’re about to discuss.

Tip #4 – Focus on Bankroll Management

While many people want to think that being successful with slots requires some kind of fruit machine tricks, a lot of the process revolves around finding good games and properly managing your bankroll. By coming up with a smart bankroll plan, you can remain in the game and keep from betting money that you don’t have. A good example of a bankroll plan would include setting aside £50 to play with each week. If you lose this amount, you’d quit playing until the next week; if you win more money…congratulations! The following week, you’d start the plan all over again, which enables you to bank any winnings from the previous week.

Tip #5 – Be Careful with Fruit Machine Systems

The last of our fruit machine tips involves betting systems, and being careful with how you use them. For example, some systems call on you to make 10 bets on one game, then switch to another one if you’re not making money because the game is “cold.” However, this is one of the fruit machine tricks that can trick you instead because some of the games could feature low payout percentage or overly-high max bets. This being the case, be wary of fruit machine systems if you don’t have a real big bankroll. Also, you shouldn’t ever pay for systems because you can find just as many free fruit machine tricks simply by reading articles on the internet.

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