Free Spins

UK Mobile Casinos Free SpinsEven if you have only played at an mobile casino once, it is highly likely you will have seen the term ‘free spins’ at some point.

Free spins are one of the main bonuses that mobile casinos offer to players, both old and new. And, luckily for you, our casinos offer some of the best free spin offers and bonuses out there!

Types of Free Spins

With all the different types of free spins that can pop up on casinos (especially with all their different names!), it can be hard to keep track of what is what and which ones to go for.

Luckily for you, we understand that all most players want from a mobile casino is to have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. That is why we have written up everything you need to know about the different types of free spins available at our casinos, so you can start bagging your bonuses straight away – hassle free!

  • Typical bonus spins – These are your classic old-school free spins that are generally what players automatically think of when they hear ‘free spins’. Generally, you get these free spins as a welcome offer upon signing up, or by making a deposit with a specific amount of money. Sometimes, these free spins also have wagering requirements as well, which means that players will have to wager their winnings a certain number of times before they are able to carry out the withdrawal.
  • Free spins with no wagering requirements – These are becoming a firm favourite with seasoned mobile casino lovers, and it’s not hard to see why! These spins are almost exactly the same as the spins described above, except they have no requirements for players to wager their winnings. This means that, unlike the classic free spin, players are essentially able to make withdrawals whenever they want to!
  • Exchangeable free spins – These are relatively new to the casino scene, but we love them already! A lot of our casinos are now offering free spins that can be either won through ‘points’ (i.e. gaining points the more often you consistently play, then being able to exchange them for free spins), or simply being given bonus free spins as a reward for being a consistent, active player.

What to look out for

Whilst we think it’s great that our casinos consistently offer great free spin bonuses to their players, it is still important you read the terms and conditions and really get to know what they involve.

In a similar way to the classic match welcome bonuses, there can be hidden requirements that are important to know before you start making deposits and wagering.

For example, you may see an advert for ‘100 free spins’ and dive straight in, without realising that it actually involves wagering requirements. Whilst wagering requirements aren’t really a problem for most players (wagering requirements are actually pretty common across the board for casino bonuses and offers!), for some players it may not be what they are looking for when going after free spins.

Imagine your disappointment if you were to find your exciting free spin bonus wasn’t what you originally thought? We know we wouldn’t want to be in that position, as it may put a negative light on your gaming experience.

So, we understand how enticing the offer of free spins can be, especially if you are a slot game fanatic, but always make sure you know exactly what the offer involves before you jump right in – that way, nothing can go wrong and you will be set up for a smooth gaming experience at our casinos!