Best Casino VIP Program – How to Choose the perfect one?

The mobile casinos market is highly competitive and is filled with promotions, bonuses, deals, advertisements and player incentives, as each gambling venue tries to top its counterparts in the industry by providing better, bigger and more luxurious benefits for its customers.
For a regular player at an mobile casino, it is very rewarding to become a VIP member. If you already play there, why not take advantage of free bonuses, better service, bigger prizes and free events, trips and other special treats?

VIP Mobile Casino

Most VIP programs offer its members to be a part of a high class group of gamblers that only they get to experience what it is like to be treated as a true VIP. You always feel like a VIP when you get an all expense trip to Europe, a luxury weekend vacation in New York, a visit to Disneyland in Paris or have the VIP seat at the FIFA World Cup final game in Berlin, which was a part of an special event for VIP members.

Being a high roller is a great thing in the world of online gambling. Mobile casinos will pamper you, look after your every need and provide you with endless perks and a better chance at winning big. VIP Clubs are no longer something that can only be found in Las Vegas so unpack your suitcases and cancel that flight; you don’t have to leave your home to be a VIP.

So being a member of a VIP Club is no doubt a wonderful thing but before you join a VIP program, how will you know which mobile casino to choose?

While it is smart to join more than one VIP program at only one mobile casino and to enjoy much more benefits that various casinos offer, it is wise to do some research beforehand.

Spending a little time reading reviews and comparing VIP benefits and programs will assure you that the VIP program or programs you have chosen to join are absolutely the best and that they are worth your time and money.

Choosing an mobile casino and VIP program

The vast majority of mobile casinos are dependable and trustworthy. However, there are always bad seeds that it would be advisable to stay away from.
So what should a high roller look for when searching for the best mobile casinos and VIP programs?

The most important thing an online casinos must offer its customers, especially high rollers that deal with large amounts of money, is security. To know if the casino you chose to play in is secure, check to see if a yellow padlock icon appears on your browser’s status bar. The icon will appear when you play games or sign up for the casino. An online casino that is not secure is not only a waste of time but can also be a serious risk for you.
The second most important thing about choosing an online casino is reading reviews about it. Would you hire someone without recommendations? Would you buy a car without first learning about its advantages and disadvantages? Before entering a VIP club you should find out all the details you can; all the benefits and helpful information you can. This is where we come in. To find the best and most recommended and trustworthy online casinos on the Web, read our online casino VIP programs reviews.
God is in the details. If a site looks bad, its design is poor and it is full of spelling mistakes, then it is likely that you are looking at an illegitimate casino. An mobile casino that respects its customers also respects itself will never present itself as unprofessional or half baked.
Good customer service is one of the best sure ways to judge an mobile casino. First, make sure that the casino offers a 24-hour support, 7 days a week. Getting stuck without answers when you most need can be a frustrating situation when it involves your money. The best mobile casinos and particularly when you are a part of the VIP club will provide you with personal attention, 24/7 via email or toll-free telephone support.

Games, games, games

It seems that all casinos have the same games but this is not necessarily so. It is important to find an mobile casino that has all the games you love, so you don’t have to play several casinos just to have the chance to play all you favorites.

Almost all mobile casinos offer the traditional popular casino games: Roulette, Blackjack, slot machines, Craps, Poker and others. Many of them, like Golden Palace, offer game variants to these standard games such as video poker, 5 reel slots and progressive slots with a much larger jackpot.

Before registering to an mobile casino make sure that they offer a wide variety of games and that these are the games you wish to play. Most respected and quality mobile casinos have an extensive collection of games and can offer you exactly what you want.

Mobile casinos’ main function is to provide games to play. Finding the right game is a matter of taste and preferences. But what playing options are available and which one should you chose?

There are two basic game options available: Software-based games and flash-based games. Today, more and more mobile casinos provide both but there are advantages and disadvantages to each one.
Software-based games

This is actually casino software that includes a wide variety of games, which must be downloaded to your computer before playing. The download itself can take up to a half an hour because the software contains all the games, graphics and casino operating system that are needed in order to play in the casino.

The only disadvantage that this way of playing has, except its size and initial download speed, is the fact that this restricts the player and enables him to play only on computers on which the software is installed. This option is best suited to people who will be playing on only one computer.

The advantages are that this software already has everything you need to play each and every game the casino offers and there are no additional downloads or waiting time.
The graphics and game speed are superior in this mode of play which makes the games much smoother and enjoyable.
Flash-based games

Flash-based games don’t require any software or any long download. It does however means that every time you wish to play you will need to enter the casino website, log in and download the Flash game (which doesn’t take long at all) to your browser.
The games will be a little slower and the graphics will not be as smooth as in the download version but it has the advantage of being able to play on any computer with an Internet connection – all you need is your user name and password.

Show me the money!

Finding a casino that has your favorite games, quality software and game options and good customer service is important. It is no less important to find a secured and reliable casino that allows you to deposit money and even more importantly to receive your winnings.

There are many ways to transfer money from you to the casino and back and it is important that you choose whatever method that is most convenient to you and that the casino also has this payment option.

  • Credit cards: This, of course, is the most common option for money transfers and is accepted by most mobile casinos. When the casino is secured as we have specified before, it is safe to use this method of payment since it uses encrypted environments for handling money. Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and others are a sure bet.
    Neteller: A veteran money transfer system that is one of the safe and best methods of payment. Many casinos offer large bonuses for using Neteller. It is friendly, easy to use and signing up for an account is free. Sign up at Neteller.
  • Firepay: An intermediary between the casino and the player. After signing up for a free account and registering credit card details the player can make a deposit into Firepay. The money, between $5 and $5,000, remains in your account until you choose to use it. This method guarantees that only Firepay handles the player’s credit card. Sign up for a free account at Firepay.
  • Western Union: This dependable money transfer service can be used from their website or from any of their 100,000 agencies worldwide. All is needed is to set up your details and the details of the recipient and get conformation that the money was transferred successfully. To make a transfer go to the Western Union website or your local Post Office or other agency.
  • Other methods of payment include Cheque and Postal or Money Order. Some casinos accept cheques that are sent via mail, which has the downside of being very slow and having to wait until the cheque clears. Postal or Money Order are basically the same but you can pay cash at the bank or Post Office and mail it to the casino.

Last but not least: make sure you take advantage of any and all welcome bonuses, extra bonuses for depositing with a certain payment method, VIP events and raffles, Comp Points and many other special benefits that VIP Club members are entitled to.

These premium perks are not just lip service – they are what separate the regular players from the VIP high rollers. They can be more precious than gold and make the road to the jackpot easier and no doubt more fun and luxurious.