The People that make Live Casinos Run

UK live casinoMost people are well aware of the dealers at live casinos. But what many players don’t realize is that there’s a full staff working hard to make live dealer casinos run.

Chances are that when you play live casino games, you’re not thinking about what goes into running them. Instead, you’re probably focused on the gorgeous dealers and the fact that land-based casino action is being streamed directly to you. But you may be surprised by how interesting the interworkings of a live casino are. In fact, there are more people running these games than you might think. This being said, let’s take a quick look at everybody who’s needed to successfully run a live dealer casino.


We’ll start with the most obvious and important person at a live casino – the dealer. Anybody who’s played casino games knows that dealers facilitate the action by dealing cards and letting players know when they can place bets. Live casino dealers are no different because they deal cards or spin the roulette ball, and announce when bets can be made. These dealers also frequently chat with players and make the overall live gaming experience very enjoyable.

Pit Boss

Just like any land-based gaming establishment, live casinos also feature pit bosses. A pit boss walks around to the different tables and ensures that games run smoothly. They also help to solve any disputes that may arise between players and the dealer. Seeing as how players aren’t physically present in a live casino, a pit boss’ role is somewhat watered down. Nevertheless, there are still some disputes that can arise and players will voice their displeasure through the chat box.


Now we get to the people who work behind the scenes. Live casinos usually employ one or more cameramen to film the action and ensure that the picture quality is good. In some cases, the cameraman’s job is simply to ensure that a stationary camera is doing its job.

IT Person

Another critical behind-the-scenes staff member is the IT person. The IT manager is there to ensure that any technical problems at a live casino are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to the improvements that have been made to live casinos in recent years, IT people have an easier job these days. But they’re still highly important just in case any dilemmas may arise.

As you can see, live dealer casinos require more than just the dealer to operate. There are people working both off and in front of the camera to ensure that you have a quality live gaming experience.

And fortunately, most people do have a great time when they play at live casinos. No other form of online gaming allows you to feel as if you’re in a luxurious casino setting, even if you’re merely sitting at home on the computer. So the next time you feel like visiting a brick and mortar casino, yet don’t have the money and/or time to make a trip, visit a live casino. The travel cost is just a few clicks of your mouse, and the action is every bit as intense as actually going to a land-based casino.