5 Signs That You Need To Quit a Mobile Slots Session

Some mobile slots players like to quit a session after they’ve hit their predetermined stop-loss limit. This is the maximum amount of money that one is willing to lose in a session before they call it quits for the day. Other players like to stop a session based on feeling. These people play mobile slots until they’re either bored with the activity or they are low on money. We certainly suggest a stop-loss limit over this method of deciding when to quit playing. But if you’re going to base everything off of feeling, here are five signs that you should stop playing for the day.

  1. Your Sole Goal is to win Losses Back

    Logic tells us that there are no guarantees with slots games – not on the next spin nor over the course of the next 100 spins. Even still, some players get this notion that they can win back losses from a bad session. So they keep spinning the reels while hoping that they hit a big payout or two to make up for a losing day. But again, slots are so volatile that you can never guarantee any wins in the near future. So if you fall into the false thinking that you can win back losses, it’s probably time to step away from the reels.

  2. You think that you’re due for a Jackpot

    This is a common line of thinking among millions of mobile slots players, no matter how long they’ve been playing for the day. Certain people think that if they’ve played a slot machine for so long, they are bound to hit a huge prize. The problem comes in when players continue playing for hours while believing that “their jackpot” is just around the corner. However, the thing to realize here is that every spin is independent of the last. So you are no more likely to win a jackpot on your next spin than you were on your previous hours’ worth of spins.

  3. You’re playing out of Anger

    Anybody who plays slots long enough will go through some frustrating losing streaks. And it’s all too easy to feel on tilt when you spin the reels dozens of times without a single win to show for it. But if you’re getting angry and taking it out by playing more slots, then you are definitely taking the wrong outlet to relieve your frustrations. This is especially the case if you’re dealing with a limited bankroll and you aren’t enjoying yourself while playing. Summing up this point, slot machines should not be used as an anger management tool.

  4. Somebody else is ruining your Mobile Slots Session

    Not every instance where you should quit playing slots is of your own creation. Sometimes obnoxious nearby players can just as easily ruin a session by talking too much or displaying over-the-top celebrations after wins. Luckily, you won’t run into these types too often in land-based casinos. But it can happen and you should be prepared to move to another machine if it’s ruining your session. Don’t try to play through the annoyance of the nearby player because it can take all the fun out of your day.

  5. You are playing with Money you can’t afford to lose

    Okay, this is the easiest one of them all. Nobody should be playing land-based or online slots with money that they cannot afford to lose. Nevertheless, a small percentage of players fall victim to this huge mistake time and time again. Bankroll management is the key here because it’s highly important that you separate the gambling money you can afford to lose from cash that’s needed to pay bills and other important expenses. If you really struggle with this, then only take what you can afford to part with to the casino.

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