Long Shot Bets in Mobile Roulette

UK mobile RouletteWining Roulette is fairly obvious that the primary motivation behind playing mobile casino games is to win big. And you can’t blame people for thinking this way because players are constantly winning huge payouts in the casino. But the desire to win lots of money can have an adverse effect on your play if you start making long shot bets just to hit huge payouts. This is especially the case when it comes to mobile roulette because the game is filled with long shot wagers. Assuming you don’t want to fall into the trap of making low percentage bets while draining your bankroll, let’s look at this matter more in-depth.

It’s not all about the House Edge

One great thing about roulette strategy is that it’s quite easy because nearly all bets carry the same house edge. For example, if you play mobile roulette games on a European wheel, every wager carries a 2.70% house edge. This defeats the need to worry about whether or not you can make certain bets because the house edge is too high. Even still, you should be worrying about your chances of winning with each wager when you play roulette.

The reason why is because bets with a low chance of winning theoretically prevent you from sustaining your bankroll at a decent level. For example, let’s say that you made a single number bet on 7 because it’s your lucky number (it’s ours too). Now this is a really attractive wager because it offers winners a 35:1 payout; however, you also have to consider that you’ve only got a 2.70% chance of this bet being successful. So you’re going to be waiting quite a while for single number wagers to pay out in mobile roulette games.

In comparison, let’s assume that you place a red/black bet, which offers a 1:1 payout. Sure things aren’t quite as exciting when you win an even money wager in mobile roulette, but you can count on frequently winning here because red/black bets give you a 48.65% chance of earning money. Even if you’d like to get a little riskier, dozen bets provide 2:1 payouts and offer a 32.43% chance of winning. Both the dozen and red/black wagers carry the same 2.70% house edge that single bets do, but you won’t go through long dry spells waiting for them to finally win.

Bankroll Considerations

Our overall point isn’t to scare you away from ever making risky bets in mobile roulette games. However, we think it’s imperative that you consider how likely a certain wager is to win versus the size of your bankroll. More specifically, those with smaller bankrolls should steer clear of risky mobile roulette bets because they need frequent wins to stay in the game.

To illustrate this point, let us say that you’ve set aside £50 to play mobile roulette games, and you’re making £1 bets on each spin. Assuming you stick with even money wagers, you’ll have a very good opportunity to win lots of bets and sustain your bankroll. However, if you start making single number or split bets (17:1 payouts, 5.41% chance of winning), you risk going through long periods without earning any money back. Furthermore, it’s not inconceivable to lose one of these wagers 50 times in a row, which would decimate your bankroll.

Keeping your Situation in Mind

Mobile roulette is a fantastic game with a low house edge that’s almost comparable to when you play video poker or blackjack. However, with the large amount of long shot bets available, small bankroll players can run into some trouble. This is why it’s so important to keep your specific situation in mind when playing mobile roulette games.

So in order to help out with this aspect, we’ve provided a list of available bets for European roulette. When looking at this list, think about the size of your bankroll and what kinds of wagers you like to make. Just thinking about these two numbers will help you figure out what kind of roulette bets you can reasonably place without putting your bankroll at risk.

High/Low: 1:1 payout, 48.65% chance of winning

Red/Black: 1:1 payout, 48.65% chance of winning

Odd/Even: 1:1 payout, 48.65% chance of winning

Dozen: 2:1 payout, 32.43% chance of winning

Column: 2:1 payout, 32.43% chance of winning

Six Line: 5:1 payout, 16.22 chance of winning

Corner: 8:1 payout, 10.81% chance of winning

Street: 11:1 payout, 8.11% chance of winning

Split: 17:1 payout, 5.41% chance of winning

Single Number: 35:1 payout, 2.70% chance of winning

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