Guide To PayPal Mobile Casino Deposit in the United Kingdom

If you would like to pay at UK mobile casino with PayPal, you will find here the most important facts, in order to be able to be well informed. I will explain how the deposit expires, show you special bonuses and answer questions about payout and security. For those of you who would like to play right away, I’ve also selected the best PayPal casino.

In addition to most used credit cards, PayPal is the most popular means of payment on the Internet in the U.K. In this country alone there are millions of user accounts and almost every online shop offers the possibility to pay with this digital wallet. The success of this payment method is based on the many benefits it has for both the buyer and the seller. Now you can also benefit from these advantages in Internet casinos!

The best PayPal casinos in U.K at a glance

I have explored many Internet casinos for my website that are legal and safe for U.K players. Now, I can recommend you the following top mobile casinos with PayPal especially.

In my exploration, the providers on this list were able to distinguish themselves in all points that are important for my rating. Here you will find an excellent selection of games, high jackpots and payout ratios, an English-speaking customer service and a transparent bonus conditions. Of course, you can visit these PayPal casinos with smartphones and tablets.

Frequently asked questions about UK Mobile Casinos with PayPal

Pay attention for the timing of depositing?

The deposits run off as you probably know from other online stores. After signing up, you simply choose PayPal in the casino as a payment method in a few quick steps, the credit is charged. However, before the first deposit, you should decide whether you want to accept a bonus.

Is there a PayPal bonus?

If you like, you may enter with the normal welcome bonus of the casino provider. I also found a vendor with a special reward for using this e-wallet. You will find more information about this later in the section on bonus offers.

Are the payments free of charge?

The PayPal costs are the usual fees of the Internet payment provider. While the deposits are free, fees are charged when the payment take place. A few casinos also charge processing fees, you will be informed about them while making the transaction.

Is it secured to play mobile casinos with the PayPal buyer protection?

No. All kinds of gambling are excluded from the buyer protection. This is partly because in the past, unfortunately, there were customers who took advantage of it. In case of losses they have tried to cancel their deposit with the help of the buyer protection.

Provider of Novoline and Merkur games with PayPal

If you want to play U.K’s most popular slots on the net, there are now quite a few vendors. Of course, some of these casinos also offer PayPal for payments. As part of my test, I also selected recommended mobile casinos with the famous games arcade games. I have provided the best providers directly here.

This is how easy the mobile casino PayPal deposit is

Here I would like to briefly show you how to pay in mobile casino with PayPal. The process is as quick and easy as you are used to from other websites with this payment provider. Even the casinos themselves do not differ with regard to the individual steps.

How to load your game balance:

  • in the checkout choose PayPal as a deposit option
  • enter the deposit amount
  • Confirm payment on the PayPal website
  • The money is immediately available at the casino

As you can see, the mobile casino deposit with PayPal is very easy to use. It is important to emphasize that the password input for payment confirmation encrypted takes place at PayPal. Thus, you will be automatically forwarded to the website of the provider after entering the desired deposit amount. The casino does not have access to your account data! In case of misunderstanding, you should keep the confirmation e-mail with the transaction number that you receive after successful payment. With the first deposit you have a choice, to activate a bonus. So you should consider in advance if you would like to accept this welcome offer.

Special PayPal bonus offers

For some casino providers, it has been established awarding additional bonuses for certain forms of payment. However, there are currently only a few providers who have a special PayPal bonus in the program. But with 888 Casino, one of my top casinos belongs to this small circle.

With the 888 Casino PayPal Bonus, you will receive an additional £30 for the first 100% to £140 welcome bonus on the first deposit when using the e-wallet on top. Overall, you can get up to £170 bonus, but unlike the 100% Welcome Bonus that you will receive the full PayPal bonus, you only need a minimum deposit of £20. To activate the bonus, the 888 Casino promotional code paypal30 must be entered during the very first deposit.

This special bonus, like all welcome bonuses, is subject to certain terms of sales. The bonus amount must be used in this case only 30x in real money games before you can withdraw it from the casino account. Also, be aware of the weighing of stakes as described in the Bonus Terms of 888 Casino. Table games such as roulette or blackjack contribute less than slot machines to free spins a bonus.

PayPal UK Casinos

What you should know about the payouts

In principle, the payout is as quick and easy as the deposit already described. The process takes longer, because it is influenced by the processing time of the casino. This can be between 1 and 3 working days and is the same for all cash supported by the casino. Each withdrawal request must first be checked by the casino. The check is for the safety of your money and meets international anti-money laundering laws.

That’s how easy the payout is:

  • select PayPal in the checkout box
  • Verify your identity and means of payment
  • Payment processing by the casino
  • Fees for the receipt of payment

There are two ways to make sure that the requested amount of money really goes to you. The easiest way is if you have already deposited from the same account you want to pay off your balance. The second option is the identification test.

The casino will check your identity if you want to transfer money from the casino to your PayPal account for the first time or if a request should appear unusual. Unusual requests, for example, are particularly high winnings if you hit a jackpot.

The casino’s customer service will then contact you to conduct an ID check. Simply send copies of your ID card and, for example, a utility bill (for address matching) to customer service via e-mail. Once your identity has been determined, the funds will be transferred to your virtual wallet immediately.

How is PayPal guaranteeing the security of your payment?

In all recommended respectable PayPal mobile casinos, the security is very important. In order to be integrated into the proven security concept as a business customer of the e-wallet , the casino providers have to fulfill strict requirements. The concept encompasses several levels. The encryption of the connection plays the central role in the protection of payment transactions. But even data protection, in which information is only transmitted when absolutely necessary, is a mainstay in the system of the globally recognized online payment service provider.

  • Encryption The connections to the server are encrypted with 128bit (RC4_128) and use at least the protocol TSL1.2 or newer versions. VeriSign verifies the identity of the parties involved with SHA-1 and RSA is used as the mechanism for key exchange. However, the company is now recommending that its partners upgrade to the newer SHA-256 algorithm.
  • Secure Password Entry As part of the security policy, password entry for payment confirmation is only available on PayPal’s website. So the payee can never intercept your password. Abuse, as it would be possible with credit card payments with the CVC code, is thus excluded.

The PayPal fees at a glance

Fees on payment receipt
Payments in general Toll-free
Payment receipt private 1.9% + £0.35
Micropayments 10% + £0.10
To collect donations 1.2% + £0.35
Dealer registration 1.7% + £0.35

As you know, creating and maintaining an account is fortunately free. The payment or deposit is always free of charge. Only fees will be charged upon receipt of payment. For other cyberwallets, such as Skrill, the transferor pays the cost of the money transfer. The table opposite gives you an overview, which fees are calculated with the receipt of payment on your account with transactions.

Since the casino providers are based mainly in other European countries, it is important for us players to know that PayPal has a fee for cross-border payments. The amount depends on the country group. My best listed PayPal casinos are mostly based in Malta or Gibraltar. These two states belong to the group of countries “Europe 1”. The cost of receiving a payment from this group is 2.00% of the transfer amount.

If, during a payment, the currency still needs to be changed, additional costs amounting to 2.5% of the transfer amount. You should therefore create your casino account in the currency that you have set in your digital wallet. We here in the U.K should obviously choose Euro.

Why has PayPal become so popular?

Information on the seller:
Companies: PayPal, Inc
founded: 1998
Member accounts: 230 million
Currencies: 25
Nations: 193

Since its founding in 1998, the Internet payment service has grown very fast. The Californian Company has nearly 200 million customers worldwide. Unlike the US, the payment service in Europe initially led a shadowy existence. Only following the acquisition by eBay in 2002, company really became known. Since then, 16 million U.K customers have benefited from the advantages that have made PayPal the most successful online payment system.

In the meantime, the management has decided to continue the auction platform eBay and the pay-as-you-go provider PayPal as two separate companies. This allows PayPal to evolve independently of eBay.

The e-wallet reliably manages to combine the highest level of security with ease of use and immediate payment execution. And unlike credit card payments, no sensitive data is transferred during the payment process. The password to confirm a payment is only entered on the server of PayPal and never at the dealer or mobile casino. In addition, the use of a digital wallet is anonymous and discreet. On your normal bank account or credit card statements, transactions to and from the casino are not visible.

It’s so easy to create a PayPal account

When creating a user account at this Cyberwallet, there are only a few things to consider. First you have to register as normal. As you have probably already done on the internet, just enter your personal details and confirm the received email. Since this is a payment service, your identity must be confirmed in the course of money laundering prevention. This is usually done through your bank account. In addition you receive a transfer of a small amount of money. Important in this case is the password transmitted in the point of use of the transfer. This must be entered at PayPal. Only then the payment service provider can be sure about your identity.

You only need to charge your Internet account. This can easily be done by credit card or by simple bank transfer. If your PayPal account does not have enough coverage for a payment, it is possible to debit the required amount from your bank account by direct debit.

Why don’t all casino sites offer the popular Internet payment method?

Despite the high penetration in the net not all mobile casinos still offer their customers the possibility to pay with PayPal. This has three main reasons. On the one hand, the fees for the casino providers are relatively high and, on the other hand, there were difficulties with the protection of the buyer. Even PayPal itself has found it difficult in the past to position itself in the fast-changing online gambling market. Especially in the domestic US market, the question of whether gambling on the Internet is legal or not was long unexplained.

For the properly regulated gambling providers, the buyer protection was unfortunately too often a nuisance. Like the direct debit, PayPal’s Buyer Protection offers the possibility to have money transferred back. PayPal Casino customers who made losses in fair games, of course, tried to take advantage of this proven option to cancel their deposit. However, since the end of 2016, PayPal has suspended buyer protection for all real money gambling and internet sports bettings. This step now contributes to making the popular virtual wallet increasingly usable in mobile casinos.

What alternatives are there to PayPal in the mobile Casino

Casino sites offer a variety of other online payment methods. You can basically use the credit cards Master-card and Visa. Also bank transfers – this includes the SOFORT transfer – are provided by default. Often you can find other digital wallets like Skrill and Neteller at. Even with the prepaid card paysafecard already pay many visitors to an mobile casino. To these better-known names join a number of small companies such as Trustly and ecoPayz.

By far the most popular payment option in the U.K is the direct debit. However, due to negative experiences, there are no casinos that support this payment method. Who wants to use a similar procedure as the direct debit, which I recommend: giropay. With giropay you do not have to create a user account or similar. All you need is a regular online banking account and you need to check if your bank accepts giropay. You can check this directly at giropay by entering the name of your bank, the BIC or the bank code there. If you select this deposit option at the mobile casino, you only enter the bank code or BIC of your bank and you will be directed to the normal online banking area. Only there you can enter your account data as well as the TAN, in order to confirm the payment. You can then start playing immediately.